Myth - Traffic Ticket Lawyers are a waste of money.
Truth - Traffic Ticket Lawyers often save their clients time, frustration and money.


Myth - Traffic Ticket Lawyers can't possibly get a speeding ticket reduced to a parking violation without traffic school.
Truth - The courts will reduce the charges on almost every moving violation if the offender agrees to pay the fine within a certain period of time.


Myth - Traffic Ticket Lawyers always get the fine reduced.
Truth - The fine is almost always part of the negotiation, but the court will not reduce the fine in every case.


Myth - Traffic Ticket Lawyers always go to court for you.
Truth - Many courts allow attorneys to negotiate traffic citations by sending a request in writing.


Myth - Traffic Ticket Lawyers get the best deals for their clients.
Truth - Traffic Ticket Lawyers cannot always get you a better deal than you can get on your own.


Myth - Traffic Ticket Lawyers will get the case thrown out of court.
Truth - Traffic Ticket Lawyers will almost never get your case dismissed through negotiation, but you have a right to go to trial if you believe you were wrongly accused, where, if you win, your case will be dismissed.


Myth - One Traffic Ticket Lawyer is just as good as any other.
Truth - Some Traffic Ticket Lawyers deal with so many tickets that it is impossible to know one client from another. These lawyers are not able to negotiate tickets on an individual basis. Instead, they negotiate in bulk, and in almost every case, they take whatever the court offers, without question.


Myth - It is cheaper to just pay the fine than hire a Traffic Ticket Lawyer.
Truth - It is almost never cheaper to pay the fine than to hire a Traffic Ticket Lawyer. Even in cases where the fine is not reduced, if the lawyer can get the charge reduced to a non-moving violation, you will not see the inevitable increase in your auto insurance premiums, which can last for years.


Myth - Hiring a Traffic Ticket Lawyer guarantees that I will win my case.
Truth - There are no guarantees of any particular outcome.


Myth - The best way to avoid a moving violation on your record is to hire a Traffic Ticket Lawyer.
Truth - This is true if you have already received a ticket, but the absolute best way to avoid a moving violation on your record is to not get one in the first place.

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