People who get speeding tickets are usually guilty of more than simply driving faster than the posted speed limit. Their offense? Getting noticed in the first place. That's the first step to a trip to court.

Here are some common sense ways to avoid a cop's radar:
1. Drive the same speed as everyone else.
Drive close to the speed of surrounding traffic. Cops generally look for vehicles that are going noticeably faster than the other cars on the road. If you are in a group of cars all going about 5 to 10 mph over the limit, you have dramatically improved your odds of not being pulled over and handed a speeding ticket, even though you as well as the surrounding vehicles are all technically speeding. The cop usually has to pick one car. If you go with the flow of traffic, it probably will not be you. And it definitely will not be you if you don't speed in the first place.
2. Stay in the middle of the pack.
Try to stay near the middle of the pack. If you are in the lead vehicle, logically you will be the first car to pass a cop's radar gun up ahead and you will likely be the one to get a speeding ticket. If you are the last car, logically you will be the one the police officer rolls up behind and paces. That means the best place to be to avoid a ticket is in the middle.
3. Find yourself a "rabbit." 
If you are unable to find a pack of cars going the speed you would like to go, try to find a rabbit, or a single vehicle that is traveling the speed you would like to drive that you can then follow discretely 100 yards or so behind. If a cop using radar happens to be ahead, hopefully the rabbit will trip the radar trap and get the speeding ticket, not you. If the rabbit brakes suddenly, you can count on their being a reason. Of course, this won't work if a cop rolls up behind you.
4. If you drive a fast looking car, watch your speed.
Cops often look for "attention getters." Attention getters are cars like the Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mustang, Camero, Challenger, Corvette, Charger, RX-8, Viper and others. These cars are extra attention getters if they are painted red, yellow or black.
5. The smoother you drive, the better.
Do not change lanes frequently, tailgate or drive aggressively. In addition to being rude and potentially dangerous, you're just asking for someone with a cell phone to call the cops and give them a description of your vehicle and license plate number. Always use your signals and be courteous to fellow drivers. It's safer, and it will help you blend into the background.
6. Avoid the fast lane.
This little bit of advice may not work everywhere in Nevada, since almost everyone drives in the far left lane as a matter of course. Usually, however, you should use the far left lane only to pass when necessary. Try to stay in the middle lanes for the most part. Why you ask? If a cop is hanging out along the median, or coming at you from the opposite direction on a divided highway, the speeder in the far left lane will be the most likely target for the cop's radar. Drivers who are most often cited with speeding tickets are often the type who drive 10 or 15 miles per hour over the speed limit and remain in the far left lane most of the time.
7. Watch out for speed traps.
Watch for places where police officers may be hiding and regulate your speed accordingly. On most highways there are cutouts in the median every few miles. You can usually see these in time to slow down a in case there is a cop lurking behind the bushes ready to give you a speeding ticket.
8. Don't speed when you are the only car on the road.
Lone speeding is like asking a cop to pull you over. Sometimes even if you are only going five miles per hour over the posted limit, if a cop using radar has nothing to look at but you, you will get a ticket. This is especially true late at night. DUI patrols are heavier at night and cops are more likely to pull you over for any reason so they can check you for signs of alcohol use.
9. Get a radar detector.
$300 for a decent radar detector is often cheaper than a single speeding ticket, not counting the potential increase in insurance costs that will come with it. Radar detectors are legal in most states and well worth the investment to avoid a speeding ticket. Be aware of the limitations, however. Your radar detector will detect instant-on radar just in time to let you know you are going to get a ticket.
10. Finally, drive a non-attention getting car. (Granny-mobile?)
Appearances count. Yes, your appearance. If you appear as a responsible member of society, you are more likely to get a friendly greeting from a cop than if you look or act like trouble.
Also, a nondescript vehicle will gain less attention than a flashy red Mustang with loud exhaust pipes. Let's face it, we tend to notice things that stand out from the crowd. Vehicles with bright-colors, loud exhaust noises or other attention getting enhancements are more likely to draw a cop's attention than an ordinary looking, family type car. When a cop has to single out one car for a speeding ticket, more likely than not, it will be the bright red Mustang with 22-inch rims, not the silver Escort.
If you are looking to get a ticket, just combine a few of the suggestions above and do the opposite. For example, drive a flashy car too fast, late at night when you are the only car on the road and at the same time look like you just robbed a bank. You can expect a speeding ticket without mercy. Good luck!
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