If you register your car in the State of Nevada, auto insurance is mandatory, but is it really necessary?

Reason One: Accidents happen.

What happens when you get into an accident and you don’t have car insurance? You are putting your bank account and some or all of your assets at risk.

Obviously you don’t plan to cause as accident, so what if the accident is not your fault? Can you assume that the person that caused the accident has insurance, or enough money to cover the damage? If not, who is going to pay for the damage to your vehicle, or worse, for your injuries?

If you happen to cause an accident, do you have the money to pay for the damage that you caused?

Insurance is designed to protect your finances from the astronomical and unexpected expenses that arise for an unforeseen accident.

Reason Two: The right insurance coverage can save you time and other hassles when accidents happen.

It is the job of your insurance company’s claim adjuster to help you through the often unpleasant post-accident process. They typically work with the other driver's insurance company to resolve claims, and they can even help you find a repair shop to fix your vehicle.

Accidents are hard enough without having to deal with an adverse insurance adjuster by yourself.

Reason Three: Peace of mind for responsible drivers.

There are many conscience, responsible drivers on the road. For them, insurance often offers financial protection from the mistakes of others. Other drivers are unpredictable and you never know when one may cause an unavoidable accident. With the right coverage, insurance will protect you in that situation.

Reason Four: Car insurance can supplement your health insurance.

With the right coverage, auto insurance can help pay for things that your medical insurance might not — like care for accident-related injuries, dental work, funeral costs, or extended nursing care during rehabilitation.

Reason Five: Auto Insurance is required by law.

The State of Nevada requires drivers to be covered by a minimum amount of insurance in the form of liability coverage. Driving without insurance can be penalized with fines, the suspension of vehicle registration and the suspension of driving privileges.

To be sure you are fully covered you should make an appointment to speak to your insurance agent today.

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